About me

Sally Levell is a British born artist based in Oxford. She was formally trained at the Colchester Institute of Art and Design from 1995 - 1997 and at the SKVR in Rotterdam from 2001-2013. She is now a member of the Oxford Printmakers Co-operative (OPC) and the Oxford Art Society (OAS).

She has lived in Malaysia, Texas, Oman (where she ran a local arts and crafts centre) , the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

She was educated at the Universities of Oxford and Reading where she studied Physical Geography.

Cards and prints for sale from here and here.

Upcoming exhibitions

2021: First Imprints (print exhibition of first life on the planet) in Heseltine gallery North Hamptonshire and Edinburgh

2021: Oxford City Art Weeks May 8th-16th (with Morna Rhys). Held at my studio in Iffley.

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Sally Levell